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Our Services

Cinter HR Plus provides comprehensive HR services, strategic operational support, and business process outsourcing. Our mission is to integrate diverse HR processes holistically to ensure smooth functionality throughout the organization. We also collaborate with other networks to provide placement and staffing services and leverage technology to streamline business operations.

Holistic: All-In-One HR Experience

We offer a comprehensive HR experience that covers all the essential HR functions to ensure your organizational success. We focus on resolving challenges across the entire HR spectrum, including “recruitment and placement,” “compensation and benefits,” and “training and evaluation.” Our mission is to holistically integrate diverse HR processes to ensure smooth functionality throughout the organization.

Strategic: Strategic Operational Support

We provide strategic, system designing, panning and operational support to enhance your business and organizational performance, from strategic planning to practical operations. We address a wide range of needs, focusing on critical success factors such as market research, strategic planning, operational efficiency, vendor selection, and seamless integration of HR-related systems*. *We will collaborate with Cinter Technology, one of our networks, to make it possible.

Placement & Staffing + Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Cinter Career, one of our networks, offers placement and staffing services and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Cinter Career connects you with outstanding bilingual candidates for direct hire, temp-to-direct transitions, or project-based engagements nationwide in the United States. Our management professionals leverage technology to streamline business operations, bringing in experienced staff as needed to support your daily operations.

About Cinter HR Plus

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality HR services, including recruiting and staffing that meet our clients’ specific needs and goals.

Hiroaki Yamaguchi

President & CEO

With 20+ years experience in IT project and business management, Hiroaki is dedicated to helping his clients meet their goals.

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